*First Week of School*

It was a little scary as always. We had auditions for our ballroom classes and set up our schedules and spent all our hard-earned money on books. Let’s start with the good news! Raimo and I made the very top class for Latin! We’re in Gold Bar! It’s totally exciting and totally a surprise. It’s the best technique class for Latin ballroom and it will be so fun for us. So that is our only ballroom class. We are also both doing back-up team again; I had to quit Concert Choir (so sad). Now for classes. It’s going to be tough, but we’ll be okay I think. We’re in an English writing class together that focuses on writing about the arts and humanities. I think that will be the easiest class for both of us, though it still requires a bit of homework and reading. I’m also in 3 other English classes. One is a poetry class, one is grammar, and one is American usage. They are all very interesting, but will require constant reading and projects and creativity! Raimo is taking the dreaded economics, which will take a lot of his time, and math 110, which is also a tough one. He is not looking forward to the classes, but is starting out well by doing his reading. YAY. We’re totally freaked out, but it’s only been a week.

Highlights of the week:

-making Gold Bar
-reading a whole book of contemporary poetry in the first week… of my choice (Natasha Saje) on the walk to and from school
-going to the Museum of Art as a homework assignment for English
-buying another chair for the apartment (total of 2 now…. and they look so cute in our little window nook)
-getting a beautiful print of an engagement photo from Mom
-getting more china in the mail from myself and a 4qt crockpot from the Fenns
-eating corn on the cob a ton since it’s only 35 cents
-dancing again with Raimo


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