I Live for Thursdays

We’re three weeks into school already and I’m feeling like I’m drowning! I think Raimo feels the same. We just go in circles: from bed to dance to school to work to dance to bed. And then it starts all over again. Things always pick up on Thursdays though–you’re getting close to the weekend, the majority of the work for the week is done, and you get to look forward to heavenly Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In fact, the anticipation might even be better than the actual thing.

That was not the case last week though! The anticipation was not as great as our weekend! We got to chill with LeAnne and Risto in our apartment on Friday night and on Saturday, we went to Ensign’s peak where Brigham Young said the famous words, “THIS IS THE PLACE.” We hiked to the top, took in the view, and read the first chapters of Twilight’s fourth and final book. We’re hoping it will be better than the third. That night we met Raimo’s parents for burgers at Hire’s Big H. YUM. It was a fun night. And Sundays are nice because we have time to watch tv or movies and I have time to make a real dinner.

Highlights of the Week:
– Raimo got a 90 on his math test this week. The quizzes hadn’t been going so well so this was really awesome!!!
– I got to go get ice cream with Melanie
– Raimo washed my car (highlight for me only probably) and put gas in it
– I finally got a a package with the rest of my books for class from Amazon
– I made chicken divine
– The weather is still great!

Hope you are all doing great! And Reed: this was one poem I did for workshop this week. Of course there are a million things wrong with it. But here it is.

The Wizard of March

Gutters flooded,
dirty water runs
who knows where.
Puddle parade.
Reed jumps the stream,
splashes through pools–
dark pools like spilled ink,
deep as an iris–
on the cracked street.
His bright cheeks are smooth
ripe plums: soft, tight skin
warm, flecked with mud.
He smells of asphalt.
Mama’s roses droop
along the walk.
Snails are out
leaving trails.
Reed salts one and watches
green ooze dissolve
like the Wicked Witch of the East–
bubbles and shrivels
until there is only house.
He grins.

3 thoughts on “I Live for Thursdays

  1. O my! A 90?! I’m impressed Raimo! I’m so happy we’re blog buddies! yay. I love you guys. jess, you’re an awesome writer and i love reading your entries… can i hire you to write mine? i’ll just let you know what’s going on and you can make our entries pretty like yours 🙂


  2. I also enjoy Thursdays. They are my favorite day of the week. I love anticipation. Even if I have nothing planned all weekend long, Thurday still is enjoyable.


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