well gang it’s friday the 26 of sep.
Jess told you about the sleep, to dance to school, to work, to home, to sleep. it is all true what she has said. it’s a robust dance. I wanted to tell more of the story but I don’t have the time. I’m taking Jess to Red Robin we’ve never eaten there togethor so I hope it will be exciting. and then we will go look for a new movie to buy hopefully we will be able to find the 3 season of lois & clarks superman. We finished the last season and it left it at a very dramatic moment. boy thats a good 90’s series. yes we have both been sick this week. one right after the other, it was pretty terrible, hopefully that will be it for the week. My friend Matt Meads is engaged for the 31 of dec to married. and Greg and Heather got a Genuine scooter (it’s black). thats about it.

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