We Be Jivin

Jive. This seems to be the theme of our lives this weekend. Not only because we were jiving at a rockin’ wedding this weekend. . . not only because we were jivin to get all the way down to CA and back in only three days. . . not only because we had to stay in Provo til Friday to learn a jive routine that we already know for team, when really we wanted to leave Thursday so we could spend more than 24 hours in CA. . . not only because we had to race back to Provo to be there by Monday so we could learn the rest of that same jive routine we already know. . . Jive is the theme for oh so many more reasons! We are just racing everywhere! For those of you inexperienced jivers, the jive is so rigorous and absolutely chaotic while you are dancing it, you wonder why the heck you’re doing it. But as soon as it’s over you think: “That was fun!!!” Literally and metaphorically, this is our life. Gotta love it.

So AndreaBrianToddWilliam’s wedding was soo perfect. I adored the Spanish theme–it was so beautiful and stylish! Every single detail was taken into account and I loved that! The centerpieces and colors were wonderful, waiters circled our table and lowered our soup bowls all at once. THis was impressive. Those little details really made the night. Andrea and Todd were absolutely adorable and I am so happy for them to be married!

We had a lot of fun being in Riverside, staying at hotel Monica with the huge bed and huge ceiling, picnicing, and eating like rich people, drinking way more soda than we ever do. We wished it could have lasted longer! Surprisingly, one of my favorite parts was driving pretty much all weekend. It is fun to have so much time, just the two of us, to talk and read and go to In’nOut. (Yes, those three things are about on the same level of awesomeness). I love my husband more and more–I can’t wait for him to get off of work tonight!


2 thoughts on “We Be Jivin

  1. Hey “jive” girl! So glad you had fun at the wedding! I saw the Jacobsens the next day, and they said it was fabulous! (I didn’t even know that Andrea had a boyfriend! WOW!) I totally get the driving thing… nice to finally have so many hours to just enjoy each other as the scenery passes by! I know life is hectic, but I suspect you will look back on these “jive” days as some of the happiest in your life… Enjoy them… and take care… I love and miss you! Aunt Laurie


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