Do you ever just feel like doing something a little bit rebellious? I don’t mean go out and do something that’s against your moral standards, but maybe something slightly mischievous. . . out of character. . . out of the ordinary! It’s exciting, keeps life fresh. . . I know you know what I’m talking about!

Well today Raimo and I were leaving our English class (which is the dreaded early morning class at 8 am) when I suddenly had the strongest desire to eat and to eat A LOT! Those of you who know me well know that I am NEVER hungry in the morning. Breakfast is definitely my least favorite thing and I save all my appetites for my favorite meal which is LUNCH, of course. Nothing can beat that mid-day, light but lovely meal! BUT, like I said, I was hungry. And Raimo, thinking aloud, said, “Wouldn’t it be nice to go for a drive up the canyon and have breakfast in Heber?” I said, “Let’s go.” And so we threw caution to the wind and I, unabashedly, DITCHED class (wouldn’t it be awful if my professor happened across this blog?!) and we took two hours to go out to breakfast!

It was a perfect, clear morning and the fall colors were beautiful in the canyon. We haven’t driven through since September and it’s amazing how quickly it’s changed! The lake looked beautiful too–we were both imagining how fun it would be to have a house overlooking the water. In Heber, we ate at a really cute, little cafe– there were only like six booths– full of old people! I guess it kind of is an old person thing to do. We ordered a ham and cheese omelet, hash browns, pancakes, and scones! It was SO delicious and we had so much fun. It was great to be in sunny Heber for breakfast as opposed to Provo which stays in the shadows till about 11 o’clock!

However, acting on a whim always has its downsides. Without fail, I always feel so much guilt afterwards about not being my responsible self. It would be so much more rewarding to do something out of the ordinary and then bask in my rebelliousness afterwards. But even during breakfast I had the lingering worry that I would be late to my next class and not have enough time to finish my paper that was due for it. WELL we headed straight back to campus so I could finish and Raimo headed home to work on his economics. Boring.

The POINT is we had a GREAT morning! And we got to eat a meal together! I loved every minute. My question for you is. . . should we feel guilty or proud of our spontaneous morning? And what spontaneous things have you been doing?

7 thoughts on “Question:

  1. Don’t feel guilty! Those memories are worth it. We all need a break from school too, and waht you did was WAY better then playing sick at home all day.


  2. Proud, Proud, Proud a thousand times. Where is this guilt coming from? A desire to get good grades? Severely overrated. Haha. I’m proud of you guys. I’m excited to see you tomorrow!!


  3. It’s so much fun to do things on a whim. Enojoy it while you can. A few weeks ago Travis didn’t have any home work (which never happens) and so we decided to take Vincent (5 months old) to a movie. We just got in the car not knowing if He would be good and not know what movies were even playing. It was so much fun and Vincent slept through the whole thing. Things like that are great!


  4. There’s nothing you can do to change it now, so just enjoy the memories of a beautiful morning! Besides, guilt will kill you! I’m actually glad you did a little something to “de-stress” your busy life! All smiles!


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