Love Your Hubby Week!!!!!

Valentines Day has got to be my favorite holiday!! It may even top Christmas, which of course is hard to beat! This is a really fun holiday for us because we got engaged on February 13th (see picture above), we had our first kiss the year before on the 14th, and pretty much it’s just a great excuse to go out to eat and buy chocolate and flowers!!! I was thinking about something some of my old roommates liked to do called “Love Week” (ahem . . Yooms and Lindsay and friends) and they had all these rules for love week: you had to wear only pink, purple, red, white . . . in honor of love week; you had to listen to only love music; the whole point of the week was love–love everyone and everything!!!

I never really got into it, but I think this week I’m gonna give my husband a love week of my own! He probably hasn’t really caught on yet (and I’m sure he won’t be reading the blog anytime soon)! Yesterday I reorganized ALL of his clothes in his drawers (it was impossible to find anything in them) and I left love notes in every single one! Today I think I’ll make him chocolate pudding and give him his favorite thing ever: a great backrub. What else? I was thinking surprising him with a big bag of double cheeseburgers–I think they are so nasty, but he loves them because they are only 1$ at McDees and he feels justified in buying a bunch of them at once. Love him 🙂

I need some more ideas for tomorrow and Thursday!!!

I am so excited for Friday night! We are celebrating V-day a day early because we have a show in Salt Lake on Saturday. I don’t even care so much what we do– I am just excited about going out to dinner or going out anywhere with Raimo!

Don’t forget to give me some love week suggestions!!! And don’t forget to feel the love this week!

Mrs. Laitinen


6 thoughts on “Love Your Hubby Week!!!!!

  1. This is just something that I like to do for “Love week” I will make heart shap pancakes and put red food coloring in them. That actually turn out pick but I think they are cute and then I get some strawberry milk because Travis loves it. We have that for breakfast and then for dinner Travis doesn’t like to go out on V-day because everywhere is so busy so I decorate the house and table and order out or just make something (I usually order out so I don’t have to really clean up after) And then we have a nice dinner together. It’s a lot of fun.


  2. Bag of double cheeseburgers! You know Raimo well. That is true love. Um. . . I never really bought my brother anything for love week. I think you are on the right track with the cheeseburgers. We used to go get those all the time. Wow I remember taking this picture. That seems like forever ago. Has it already been 1 year. Congratulations you two. (Tell Raimo for me) He probably will not read this.


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