There is sunshine in my soul today

It is so beautiful outside today! It’s a shame I have to be indoors and miss this little sliver of spring! Raimo and I walked outside at 9:00 today in sweatshirts–maybe you don’t realize it, but it has not been sweatshirt weather. It has been windbreaker/ski jacket weather. This is a major breakthrough!!! I hate how frumpy I feel all winter in bulky marshmallow coats! Today I finally get to wear my new hoodie I got for Christmas! I’m feeling pretty good about life overall.

Another great thing about today is I woke up with relatively straight hair! This NEVER happens. I always have to do some major styling after sleeping on it. It’s a good day.

Also, I am sore from a majorly athletic day yesterday! I love that feeling. We had all our dance classes two days in a row this week (Tuesday we had Monday classes). We also had a performance last night and Raimo and I practiced afterwards too. We were so beat! It feels good to be active though.

Tonight we are competing, next weekend we are competing, the following weekend we are competing in Vegas, and the following week is Nationals! It is pretty busy! I’m just excited to get going so that it will be over! (and also because it’s fun). We need to buy some self-tanner– the hard thing is finding one that doesn’t look natural. We need to have really fake-looking, orange tans! Any ideas???

My last bit of good news is Raimo is starting another new job (he’ll still be working for Express). He’s going to do sales and it is sounding like a perfect fit for him. It is door-to-door and he can work as many or as few hours as he wants. It was really disheartening for him to not get many hours in this year, so I’m really excited that he will have something to work on whenever he wants! I’m feeling really good about it–when I read the ad online I thought it sounded perfect. He’s way overqualified with his experience in phone sales-I know he’ll do great. And we won’t have to go away for the summer–this branch is based here!

SO that is a huge relief for us! And it is a beautiful day! And we are about to embark on the busiest season of the year for us! And spring is coming! Who wants to barbeque!!!!? I sure do


2 thoughts on “There is sunshine in my soul today

  1. I haven’t used either of these but I got the recommendation from Shannon: Skin Drench and Tanwise. Sally Beauty carries them, but I’m not sure what else. Good luck! And I’m loving the pieces of warm weather too 🙂


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