Smashing Isn’t it!

There’s Spring in the air!
So we went to the Uvu ballroom competition, like Jessica said earlier last thursday we practiced the night before ( technically we were making up our Rumba for the competion for that thursday night). We both were spent from the previous day school at 7 a.m. – 3p.m. and then work for Jess, and lots of homework for me, till 7p.m. our comp didn’t start till 9:30 or around that time. the first round the samba music was so slow, I wanted to move faster tahn the beat, then I overcorrected and went slower, it was silly, but the rumba went alright. the 2nd round our samba improved but still pretty shaky, and the rumba was going pretty well until I forgot to loop my partner and I instead punched my nose into her elbow. her elbow was pretty sore for a few days. the third round, we were both pretty tired but did better, my spins were really good in the rumba, by the final round I was tired (out of shape mostly with asthma, and my cold) that I couldn’t even spin straight. but it was fun. and so thats how that went.
Friday night last week was so much fun. Jessica had agreed to teach some ballroom to a ward down in Santequin (If you don’t know where that is, thats ok, it’s south of payson, just a few miles) d Jessica and I assumed it would be a young womens theme activity, but when we got there all the girls were much younger than that. Jess would be teaching Achievement day girls, and most of them seemed to be about 8-9 years old, maybe one or two 11 year olds. They were all dressed in their sunday best, or nice spring dresses, and were excited about this. we had planned on teaching foxtrot and some cha cha cha. all the little girls were excited about Jessica’s dance shows. and the dads, were all really good sports. and all were pretty good at the steps in the dancing. all of them really caught on with the foxtrot. the cha cha was a little too fast for the social setting.
Sat I worked from 9a.m. to 6p.m. so I don’t really know what happened on that day besides what happened in the store I was at. but when I finally got off work, we would be going to the open house of the draper temple open house. it was fantastic! and very spiritual. hopefully if you’re ever in the area, I suggest going to that temple to see it. There were a lot of people and we rode on the blue bus. The temple is on the mountainside so riding the bus was also an interesting experience. and we got a cookie for going too. as we were lining up to get back on our blue bus, Jessica and I broke away from the crowd and got a picture in front of the temple. We made it back in time before the bus took off. Sadly our camera is faithful but old so the picture is kind of dark, but our spirits are high and we had seen the temple.
With sunday a much needed 15 min power nap before home teaching, and when we stepped from our doorstep this morning we were surrounded by a herd of deer. well not really surrounded but there was a group of them right in front of our home, definatily a nice tranquil spot. and the air was warm. And when I say warm I mean 50 degrees or around that temperature. and thats it. we will be going to Russels later this evening, and will have a lovely time doing that.


One thought on “Smashing Isn’t it!

  1. That temple trip was a blast. Thanks for coming up in my old busted car sorry you had to be cold in the back. That is pretty cool the deer were so close to your home. I once had one deer run by me on BYU campus but not an entire herd of deer. You win. Good work on the dancing at UVU. Hope your elbow feels better Jessica. .. just kidding.RL


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