We are the Raimos

I am sooo glad it’s been a little sunny! It’s really got my spirits up and we’ve had some beautiful days (even though we still get occasional SNOW- so weird). Yesterday Raimo and I were done with work at 6– and we realized we were going to get to hang out in daylight!!!! It was really exciting to have some time together! So we went to Del Taco and drove up to the parking for the Y to eat and watch the sun set. It was really beautiful- really cloudy and pink-y. And we finally finished reading Goose Girl, which is a fun book. And then we got to go to bed early! At 9:30!!!! haha Hey it seemed like fun at the time!

This morning when I woke up, I just felt really happy. Not just because Raimo is a cute sleeper, I was just really glad he was there next to me. It’s like the never-ending sleep-over. I LOVE sleepovers! If there’s any good that’s coming from our hectic life, it’s that I’m really appreciating the little time we get to have together! We’ve been married for almost 10 months. I can hardly believe it’s almost been a year. Can I have another wedding?!!? I loved mine so much!! Even though it’s been such a short time, people already totally consider us a unit. While our coach usually calls everyone by name, Raimo and I are the singular unit: “Laitinens.” And then the other day he called us the “Raimos”….. quite by accident I think but I thought it was pretty funny. I am now totally and completely bonded with him, I’ve lost both first and last names and have taken HIS!

I don’t know if there is much point to this blog other than the fact that I am so happy being married and I’m loving on Raimo right now and missing him while I’m at work. Love you, my darling!


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