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Ok. There is someone who is driving me nuts. And if you’re reading this blog, it’s probably not you–so don’t worry! But this person just keeps doing and saying the most absurd, sometimes selfish, things. The problem is, this person has an effect in my life. Not huge, but I still have to live with it. It shouldn’t get to me, but sometimes I let it get to me. And this person is always completely oblivious that they are completely lacking social graces. Let’s just say that if I make it through summer, I’ll probably be ok. But for now, I’m seething. Simmering. Getting really hot basically. I don’t like to see my loved ones treated any less than they should be. Someone get me some ice!!! Any inspirational thoughts out there for me? Help?

2 thoughts on “bloggity blog blog blog

  1. Hmm I just try to think that I’m bigger than “hating” someone. And letting them get to you is giving them power over your mood – don’t give them that power!

    Oh, and pray alot 🙂 Good luck!


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