Married Bliss

Our one year anniversary is in 9 days!!!! It seems like we just got married, but here we are already! My husband is the joy of my life. Seriously, he is! He is my best friend and is really good at loving me. I just might cry if I keep going! We have so much fun together and I can’t imagine life without him. He is very rarely down–he’s always goofing around and doing things that he knows will make me laugh. I feel like we have become even more inseparable than we were when we were engaged (is that even possible?) When we go to work or school, I just can’t wait to be with him. After one year of marriage, I feel like our love is more grounded than before. It’s not just about flowers and love notes and fun–we’ve grown together as we’ve figured out how to make big decisions and pay big bills and keep the love alive all at the same time!

Some accomplishments in year one:
We’ve never been late on rent, even though sometimes we thought we wouldn’t make it,

we’ve competed as dance partners-and kept our sanity,

we’ve had our first dinner party,

Raimo has learned how to clean the toilet my way,

I’ve learned how to chillax a little bit,

we have learned more about each other’s needs,

we’ve learned the importance of the weekly date,

we’ve improved our GPAs,

we’ve both agreed that there’s no use worrying to death about money,

we’ve learned to ask the Lord for help,

we’ve learned we should not go “window”-shopping because neither of us has any self-control,

I have learned to the full extent what lactose intolerant really means,

and I think we are even more in love.

My wedding was soooo wonderful. I just remember how wonderful it felt at my reception, looking around at all the people who were important in my life. We kept the numbers relatively small and so only my family and very best friends were there–it meant the world to me to have all of you people there, celebrating us! I loved every minute. It was kind of surreal to be the one with the veil and the bouquet. . . it was one thing I had always wanted. Sometimes I still think. . . did that really happen? It was a perfect day!

I also loved the lull after all the busyness of the wedding. I was finally able to be with Raimo 24/7 and we could just focus on each other. I feel like we have kept that married bliss kind of feeling throughout this whole year and it is so great! And yet I still feel like I don’t know him completely– there are things I’m still learning about him, and I am excited to find out more in the years to come!

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