Ok- so I missed the first week of class this summer term because I thought I wasn’t taking classes. But I found out I got some scholarship money, so I felt like I needed to use it. Now I am trying to catch up and do all this reading–and there’s already a ton of reading since a term is only 7 or 8 weeks long–and get on top of assignments. To add to that, I’m not just taking any old class. I’m taking my senior course (supposed to be the last class I take in the major), as well as a history course. They’re pretty crazy. At least we’re on the 3rd week now. Only 5 more to go! I shouldn’t be so stressed out over a couple of silly classes, but I just am! Tomorrow I happen to have my first midterm already! I’ve only been to two lectures for that class so far! Ugh.

On a happier note, it is Harry Potter week at work so I have owls and mail floating above my head and large black butcher paper Hogwarts arches too. And guess what house I am in? Slytherin. Yes, right down there with Voldamort and Malfoy. I’m excited about it. I’m also excited for the movie to come out next week! One day I’m going to read all of them–just not while I’m in college. Speaking of which, I am graduating in December! Yay! Despite the awfulness of taking both spring and summer classes, I am coming closer to that four-cornered, golden-tasseled hat! I have already mentally composed a list of things I get to do after December! It’s going to be awesome. Maybe I will put them down here so I don’t forget:

-Never read a text book again, never go to the testing center again
-Go snowboarding?! I can’t believe I live here and never use my board!
-Take some music lessons
-Compete at nationals for the last time
-Go to the MAC a few times
-Maybe take the GMAT
-Bake more goodies
-Paint my nails
-Get a new job, hopefully with benefits
-Save money
-Help Raimo finish college!

One thing that makes me really happy is I’m only going to be taking 13 credits this fall. I have never taken so few in a semester. Once I took 21 and that was awful. What’s wrong with me? Another thing that made me happy was taking a nap from 8 to 10 this morning before work with Raimo. Oh, and… my family’s in town!!!! Yay we are going to party as soon as I knock out that stupid midterm.

P.S. happy birthday Mel!!!!

4 thoughts on “Stress!

  1. Good luck with your classes. OH and you totally have to read the Harry Potter books. I read all 7 in less than a month so make sure you don't have anything else you have to get done because you wont want to put them down. They are way better than the movies!


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