I had a wonderful birthday this year. Raimo and I celebrated the day before, going out to lunch and shopping. I got new clothes!! On my birthday he gave me what I have been wanting for a long time–pearl earrings! And a necklace too. Lucky me! And we went to dinner at Tammy and Mikko’s house for dinner and cake and presents. It was fun. I can’t believe I’m 23. Ew.

We have been watching Mad Men episodes all week–I have been renting them from Blockbuster and it has been so addicting!

Aside: Last night I took a callus off my toe–it had been there forever and was slightly peeling. And then there was another one underneath that so I peeled it off too. And the toe is still extremely hard. Ew?~! And my heels are bleeding and my right pinky toe nail is permanently split. Can you tell dance has started up again?

School is in full swing. I can’t believe the first week is already over. Sewing is going to be hard. It is 8 hours of class and labs a week. Luckily I am only taking 8 credits!!! How fun. Raimo is not too happy with the very full schedule I made for him. But it will be okay I think. He is starting his business minor and I think he will enjoy those classes.

Being in BYU Singers is the highlight of every day for me. I seriously feel so lucky. I am getting used to being a second soprano. It is my first time ever–it really seems a lot lower sometimes. We are singing some challenging music, and it is fun trying to pick out those middle parts.

Now getting off work. Goodnight.


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