I’m not good at manual labor

So far this week I had the oppertunity to help my dad pour and lay some cement in their backyard. Everything was going well until I got there… Actually by the time I got to my parents place, the portable cement mixer my dad rented was faulty and wouldn’t mix, so we had to head back to the store and return it. The manager was nice enough to replace it with one that actually did work. So we get back, its time to start pouring the cement bags into this mixer, which looks like an orange pot the size of a round cow, ontop of a wheelbarow. Let me tell you cement bags, even the small ones are heavy, about 80 ibs and you have to balance them while trying to pour them in your giant orange “pumpkin” without hitting the sides which are moving and could tear the bag opening and pour out the contents everywhere. Well after doing that some 42 times of opening bags pouring water in, mixing the mixing machine with a shovel and then putting some dyes in to change the color of the cement it wasn’t half bad a job. except the fact that there were to colors of dye’s and I mixed both colors, so the cement job might not be all the same color. I didn’t know we had to different bags of color. Needless to say, we’ll see if my family will call me to help. maybe….

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