The Routine: door sales – They don’t come easy

Door Sales sometimes do come easily, but for this particular day… they didn’t… After being at school for most of the day. Being locked out of your own house for over an hour, twitching your nose because you took your allergy meds a little later than expected, and because of the fact that our apartment complex rails were being smothored with wet snow white paint, (which coincidently I’m allergic too) sitting on the grass which I was also allergic too. Waiting for Jess to get back with the sweet car we have. I did finally get to go out and sell, after a victory poweraid for such a successful first day of school.
I was going to be going on a field day with one of our reps. who I called 10 minutes before I got to his apartment to let him know I was on my way. I got there sat in the car for 5 minutes (because usually he just comes out of the apartment), but this time no such luck. I knock his door. A tall scrangly dark haired college kid with gangly arms answers. Is such & such there? I ask. He looks at me and lets me know that my rep moved out the week before. convienantly my phone hadn’t been working for the past two days, which all the reps were aware of, so I couldn’t just call him. All in all that wasted about 2 miles and 30 minutes of valuable time. Time is one the really important factors to door sales. You only have so much time before you have to stop knocking on peoples doors. its all about Timing! Somebody would have signed up if only you had stopped by two days before, or 3 days before, that is sometimes frustrating, so the way I think of it. You have to be out there talking to as many people, as you can before, leaving a positive message or feeling towards the company or product you represent.
Well anyways with being behind time I drive to the first street of addresses that are attached to the fiberoptic network that I work for. I’m following up with some people I had talked with last week, and trying some doors that didn’t open up for me last week. I think following up was fruitful, I tried to just establish a relationship with them, find common ground and assess where their at in the sales mix. At this moment for the two people I followed up with, they hadn’t checked to see if they were in contracts, which meant they hadn’t given it a thought since I last left them. Which meant I needed to push some urgency into it & find common ground. after that, I knocked more doors. At that moment, trying to be pushy would have killed the deal since both were sincere that they were interested in the service, and they just needed a little more time before they were comfortable of signing up.
By this time, those two large poweraid’s that had quenched my thirst earlier (sorry gatorade, mcdonalds doesn’t carry your sweet beverage) were really starting to bother me, and not let me just do my thing and talk with people, I had to make a pitstop at Harmons your friendly neighborhood grocery store. after that I knocked a few more doors which one person completely looked past me (older lady) even when I spoke to her, and said here kitty kitty, (no cat in sight) and then slowly shut the door. Ok this wasn’t going anywhere with no one answering the door but 3 people. Besides I was meeting up with another sales rep later that night to team sell, and see how we can be more effective (since my afternoon had been so effective). We were going to visit one of our MDU’s that we provide service. It was that time of year were many of the tenants want to upgrade their tv channel packages so they can cheer for BYU, or for a few that cheer to see them lose. It went rather well. The funniest door was when my coworker Bill (names changed for privacy) knocked into a college girl that was a total valley girl. Bill explained we were the apartments internet & TV provider and was checking up on the apartment to see if they had upgraded their service already. She didn’t get that and said “O we already have tv and internet, it comes with the apartment” Bill said I didn’t ask that in a question we are your providers. O she said.
And that was today, I also stopped by some people who were interested in the service only to find out after I had left they had signed up with the service I sold them on. Thus leaving me without getting the commission. It happens more than you think. We did upgrade a few customers.

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