I Dream In Tetris…

Apparently there’s to many people on facebook right now, because I keep getting kicked off, and it won’t load. Any how, I found down in my parents basement, my brothers old hand held Gameboy by Nintendo, along with that, I found some of the old games, like double dragon, mario land 2, blades of steel, and now my own personal favorite Tetris. I’ve gotten pretty good at the russian inspired game. To the point that when I close my eyes at night I see tetris blocks coming down, and I have to arrange them in such a way that they won’t make it to the top. The graphics are sweet, 2 dimensional, black & white.
In everyday life, our apartment is like tetris, we have only so much space, and our furniture are the blocks that we have to arrange so that we can live within that space. Also our scheduling is like tetris, sometimes it can be a stretch trying to get Jess & I’s schedules to match up and sometimes we plan everything right or we just get the right pieces and we clear a “Tetris” which is the term used when you make 4 lines disappear at the same time. Usually by the end of the semester, all the peices of hectic lives are coming down super fast and you don’t have time to think all you can do is react and place at the lowest possible place. that includes homework, rent, bills, work, dating, family, and everything else.

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