Drip drip drip little april showers

drip.. drip.. drip.. Lil april showers! Alright it isn’t april and it hasn’t been raining, however everytime our neighbors upstairs do their laundry, (which is everyday) a little shower begins in our family room. This has been going on since july… With no help from the management of the apartment. not only a shower but storm clouds gather on our ceiling. Ok so there aren’t any storm clouds, but the ceilings paint bubbles into tiny little rainclouds that bring forth moisture, and drip drip drip. Well it happened again yesterday, ironically the day before, the management came and scraped off the rainclouds and repainted over, they told me they had fixed the pipes, (this is the 2nd time they’ve told me this.) And once again it is raining. I guess I wouldn’t be that bothered by it. but it is raining really close to our electronics, and it did stop our clock the first time. This is the 3rd time its happening. Well anyways I called and left a message, sounding a little annoyed that they still hadn’t fixed the problem, within an hour one of the management guys came over, I showed him the lovely video of it raining, and the bowl full of water. He was pretty helpful. hopefully we won’t have anymore showers till April.

2 thoughts on “Drip drip drip little april showers

  1. Landlords are notoriously chintzy
    about repairs. When we were renters
    we just took care of repairs ourselves. It was cheaper than moving and saved a lot of hassle.


  2. I like that you showed him a video. That is an excellent tool. I believe the next step is to put it on you tube if they do not come fix the problem. jk


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