We drove all 14 hours through boring Idaho for a trip. It took all day. But we loved our hotel.
The next morning we drove into town

Blue blue skies

We enjoyed Seattle in all its colors
We spent our first morning driving all over the city

We had to go to the one-day sale since I was missing it back home

Went to the open marketand the first Starbucks

We drove around the peninsula. It took a whole evening, but it was so beautiful.
Ate fresh fish

We had our competition. We took 5th in Amateur. Hair and makeup took longer than the actual competition, as always
We played pirates

We got rained on at the temple

Found our future house
Found Raimo’s old apartment
Found the Grangers, one of Raimo’s favorite couples from his mission. They Looove him.
Digby, who was and still is the ward mission leader, told us his favorite story of Raimo. They tracted into a man who was very negative and kept telling them all the things he already knew about the church. I already know this, I already know that. And Raimo just said, “Well how about a tap dance.” He still gets a kick out of remembering some of those times. They had the best things to say–that he and his companion were the highest baptizing and the best missionaries.
Stopped by the chapel (it is surrounded by the most gorgeous trees)

Went to Gig Harbor, or the Gigity Gig as Raimo says. It was my favorite city
His apt in Gig Harbor
On the way back I read him the third Hunger Games outloud. It was such a wonderful trip. I’m glad we went–it was great.

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