& Thats The Way It Goes… Sometimes…

Its funny how these things happen sometimes. But they indeed happen. First off thank you Grandma for the card & everything. As a Door salesmen, you indeed have a lot of interesting experiences, I think I mentioned knocking doors on halloween, it got to the point where people were handing me candy as I knocked from door to door. That wasn’t bad, but talking with some of our customers, they had noticed that the internet speeds were slowing way down from the expected 10/10mbps, Which is highly unusual. It was raining, I had made some good potential leads, to follow up with on Monday.
Monday came, and so did a notice letting me know I had been laid off… Apparently my companies profit margin was to small, & costs were too high here in the Utah area, they did address that if I was graduated they would have liked to keep me, but move me down to Arizona or Las Vegas. But that wasn’t happening. But thats the way it goes… At one point you’re on top, bringing in sales, the next you’re no longer needed. I’m still waiting on my pay, and reimbursement from them since the 1st of this month.
But just as that so happens to be closing, My companies biggest competitor here in Utah, called me up & invited me to an interview. After two interviews, they’d like to hire me, and have me do the same things I was doing with my company, that is recruiting training, & selling. The difference would be that I can knock everydoor in Provo, that my new company owns the network in Provo, and we can continue to knock doors on the Utopia network throughout Orem Payson, Lindon, Murray, S. Salt Lake, Midvale, Brigham City. So my big push is going to hire guys up in the Salt Lake area. To create a Salt lake team, & a Utah county utopia, & Provo Team. Along with that we can also sell directv & dish in the Utah area, so if anyone wants to sign up for those, it would be helpful if you signed up with me. (there’s my spill selling to friends, sorry about that). Well, I started as a door salesmen, I was let go as a door salesmen, & I’m hired again as a… door salesmen.

& Thats The Way it Goes… Sometimes…

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