Another week has come and gone, in the door sales world. It was an extremely cold week out knocking doors, I got a lot of people that said no right off the bat, but even with that, there were quite a few that said yes. In fact I was called back by one guy today, who when I knocked his door, gave me that look that says, I don’t have time to talk, besides its freezing, He had only cracked the door open a pinch. I mentioned why the services we offer are great benefit for him, got him laughing, by giving him a business card of mine, and he told me he’d look into it, along with telling me to get out of the cold. it was somewhere in the teens. One of the days it snowed on me … again while out knocking. I think the best was a super nice family shared with me their dinner. We had KFC, and they signed up. Despite the mean people, there are some truly amazing people out in our communities.
I think alot people think that doing door sales the hardest part would be just being able to talk with people. Which don’t get me wrong can be difficult from time to time. Or people ask me if the weather is the most difficult part of this job. Its not that bad when you prepare for the weather, or if you realize that you’re going to talk to as many people as possible so be happy to meet someone, who knows, you might meet someone cool. Sometimes its not the actual work of it that is hard. but rather the time spent in doing the work, or the business side of the job is taxing. All in All I’ve had a great experience with it, and will say, yes I hope the weather warms up a bit. That would be nice, but if not, I’m still out there, meeting some of your neighbors, and getting a feel for what each neighborhood is like.
O funny story, I sent an online order form to a potential customer, only to realize I had sent the email with all the instructions to fill out the form and everything without attaching the PDF online form. So I felt pretty bad, so I took off and personally showed up to fill out a paper form. The Customer recognized my last name and asked if I knew a Jessica, who did ballroom. It turned out the customer had been in some of Jessica’s classes in college and were friends a little bit. Kinda a funny moment. Kind of like when I knocked and installed a tv set top box for one Jess’s cousins. Yeah those weird moments are pretty cool .

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  1. Sounds like you braved the cold for some sales. Hard to do. Believe me. Keep up the good work. So KFC for dinner eh? That is kind of funny. That is pretty nice of you to run over with the forms for them to fill out. And random that they knew Jessica. Cool you set up tv for your cousin. Did you know it was your cousin at the time?


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