My New Job

I have a new job with a debt assistance company. We get lists of people who have shown interest through the internet, and I call them and ask if they’d like me to set up an appointment for them. I talk to people all day who have tons of debt and are experiencing the strain it puts on your life. Some of them think they don’t need our help, some are very grateful that we’re calling. Some have so much debt, they won’t be able to pay it off in their lifetime. Many of our leads are through a Christian website, so I speak to a lot of really nice people. The say “God bless” on their answering machines, and they are so polite on the phone. They are a great example of loving your neighbor, even loving someone on the phone that they’ve never met . It is pretty typical for Americans to be suspicious of a strange person who calls them on the phone, so much that they’ll let the machine get it. But not some of these people.

I spoke with a man today named Russ who was all politeness, and an example to me of real Christianity. He was interested in an appointment, but we weren’t able to make one because he currently has no internet. He said he’d like to call me later though. He said he is very blessed to have no debt! but he would like to improve in the area of managing money. He would like to make sure that he is using the money God blessed him with in the best way–the way that pleases Him. What a guy! Sometimes I come across people who have miraculously paid off their mortgages and credit cards and have minimal debt, but he has absolutely none. And not only that, he considers his money God’s money and wants to spend it well because of it. What a grateful man. It made me realize that I consider the money I make my money because I feel I have earned it, and should be able to spend it how I please. If I had an attitude like him, I might eventually be blessed enough to have no debt. Living entirely for God and not for myself might actually give me more freedom in my finances than hardship. Sounds difficult, but maybe not….

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