My Eyes

I’m looking forward to my eye appointment today! New contacts for me, after 3 years! Before I got married my eye doctor was nice enough to give me a prescription for 2 years so I could still get some refills. Somehow I managed to make those contacts last me this long… but I really can’t go too much longer. I dropped my last right eye contact down the sink, so I am using a weaker prescription contact I hadn’t opened from a few years ago. So I am seriously uneven. Sometimes I have to shut one eye to see things. I’m going to the Walmart vision center today and I couldn’t be more glad! And Raimo is getting a hair cut. I want one too, but I’m thinking the eye thing is definitely more important and since my hair cut is less of a cut and more of a weave and deep condition, I’m thinking I should wait for the next paycheck. Yeah… probably. Speaking of which, my hair is super long. Long hair and big belly. Belly that seems to always be moving. What on earth is she doing in there? That’s the latest.

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