Crazy Dream

Last night in my dream, I gave birth to one baby girl, then another, then two baby boys. I had a set of girl twins and set of boy twins all at once. And I was trying to nurse all 4 of them (in order) and get them all to sleep. Raimo had named them since I was so busy giving birth to all of them, and I liked a couple of the names, but a few I wanted to change. I had to tell them apart by their wristbands. The setting was our current apartment, and I had to line all the babies up on our bed to sleep. Just feeding them was taking all my time! And a bunch of random extended family was at our apartment just kind of hanging around. When I woke up I almost felt sad that the other 3 babies don’t exist. Then I remembered I don’t want quadruplets!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Crazy Dream

  1. that is definitely one crazy dream.
    Pregnancy dreams are so funny and bizarre sometimes. And do you find you remember your dreams way better than you normally do when you're not pregnant?


  2. Yes, pregnancy dreams! They can be so real and vivid. I used to have dreams where I was blaming Neal for all sorts of things, and then I would wake up and be sooo mad at him. I think it was my subconscious' way of taking out all the illness, pain, and suffering of pregnancy on someone 😉


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