As I mentioned, I have been going through bags and bags of old photos, cards, and letters and organizing all of our stuff that has collected during the last 3 years. I have re-read some really sweet cards and notes that loved ones sent me, and I am glad that I am putting them in notebooks where they’ll be more accessible to me in the future. Some of the dearest letters were those sent during Raimo’s and my engagement, some birthday cards, and some of them are notes from my grandmas, who always offered praise and encouragement and would send a little “extra” cash or a little “dance money.” However, one of the most special things I found was a high school graduation card just from Grandpa (Grandmas always wrote the cards.. usually). It was typed up on the inside of a card in that typewriter print he always used:

Jessica: I wish you lots of success in your new venture. I am very proud of you. I’m sure you have heard me say that after high school I continued to work. Later I went to Weber College for one semester mostly for the music program (I actually don’t remember hearing any of this from him before) . I since have realized what a great advantage a college education is. Enclosed is a special gift for you, it is an emergency fund yours to use when in need, it is also to help you learn to control your money. If you find yourself in a bind, look at the bill… then try to work out the problem without having to use the bill. By working extra, budgeting, or maybe even going without. Here is my special offer, at the end of the school year you have been able to control your finances and still have this bill in your possession, I will double it with another one.. OK? Good luck. I love you a whole bunch and will be praying for you. Grandpa

I had totally forgotten about this promise, and I don’t think I took him up on that offer at the end of the year! I have no idea where that bill is, or how big it was, but I am grateful for the lesson he offered me. I’m sure it did not stick with me that particular year as I did not work my first year away from home and was always wanting to spend, spend, spend. But since I have become totally independent of my parents and have had to learn how to save and budget, this piece of advice really rings true. I am going to try harder to hang onto my savings, and when I’m in a bind, I’ll see what else I can do before using it. Unfortunately, my savings account has acted more like a checking at certain times of my life. I have good intentions when adding to that fund, but I need to leave it there!!!

One extra little perk: I found some forgotten cash among my high school graduation cards!! From Aunt Nancy, Gramma & Grandpa, Grandma Lupe & Grandpa Joe. It was a little treat after 6 years (can it have been that long already??) !!! It also made me feel a little sentimental seeing cards that still included my grandpas’ names. I also found “a little dance help” from Grandma Joan that I had saved last year, and then never used! Those extra bills are definitely as helpful now (if not more so) than they were when I received them, and now I need to decide where to deposit them! I ought to put them away as my “emergency fund”…

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