Rose kicked off her seventh week by going wakeboarding. Yes, she enjoyed it… see for yourself.

She also decided it would be a good week to stop sleeping long stretches and go back to eating every 3 or even 2 hours. We were spoiled for a few weeks. She has also been ravenous the last few weeks… she never ate as often as 2 hours, but now she is always hungry. She also had her first really awful bouts of gas–after some medicine she finally felt better (hours later). She seemed to get more stomach aches this week than ever, but she is doing ok now.

She has attempted to suck on her little fists here and there, but hasn’t really become a finger sucker. She also licks my shoulder, arm, blanket, or whatever is nearby. Also, she used to fall asleep instantly in her lamb chair with the vibrator. I am sad that this trick no longer works–getting her to nap takes a little more than that now, though I still use the chair a lot. We got out the bumbo for the first time yesterday. She looks so teeny in it! Her neck can rest against the back of it, though sometimes she slumps over.

We are not quite there yet, but she looks so grown up in it!!! I don’t want her to grow up! She is also making the transition from newborn diapers to size 1 (there is such a huge size difference here– why are the size 1’s so big?) She had 2 blowouts yesterday (always at church of course), and they are getting more and more common so I’m thinking it is time. She is still in newborn clothes with the occasional 0-3 month outfit, but she is long and skinny and a lot of baby clothes are very wide so they don’t quite work. She has grown out of a couple of her pajamas and a few tiny onesies and grown into all the other newborn clothes that were too big.

It is fun that she coos even more now. She responds to you when you talk to her. It is pretty exciting. She smiles and has great expressions when she’s dreaming. She still attracts a lot of attention when we go out. Everyone asks me how old she is and comments on how beautiful she is and how new she looks. People ask if they can look at my baby at the grocery store and Walmart. The older ladies love it. I have to time our outings during naps so she doesn’t cry in the carseat and also because it is the only way I can go without feeding her for so long. I love our carseat, btw. I am very happy with our Maxi Cosi and would recommend it! The only thing is it doesn’t sit in a shopping cart very well like some do, but it is so lightweight and so cute and easy to put in the car.

Becoming a mom is so much fun and is as wonderful as I hoped it would be. I was surprised by the fact that having Rose has brought Raimo and I closer, and it is not necessarily based on time spent together or how we help each other, but on how we are so much more of a family with her. You would think that all of our attention would be focused on her and less on each other, but somehow, as busy as I am with baby and he with work, we are closer.

Everyone is posting about how they have to start school. I am so happy it is not me!

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  1. aww she really is a beautiful little baby! I love the picture in the bumbo, she looks so teeny! And that face is too funny. I'm glad you are enjoying it so much–congratulations, she is lovely.


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