6.5 months

At her uncles’ parade in Novemberin the sink!
with uncle dave
with Tracy
with Parker

Mers and Izzy
four generations
fiesta bowl

We went to the pediatrician on Monday. Rose is 14 pounds 6 ounces and 25 inches and her “princess crown” is 15.5 inches! He says she is growing well and doing all the things he would expect her to be doing at this time. She is starting to push up on all fours–no, not crawling, but getting into push-up position. Maybe she will crawl on hands and feet. She is able to kind of scooch herself around on the floor and she can roll from tummy to back now, even if happens kind of by accident (but she seems to prefer her tummy).

She enjoys this musical book she got for christmas. I need to get her more interactive toys with sounds and lights. She is very interested in toys in general. She can reach pretty far for them and turn them around in her hands. She is very curious. Today we put the gallon of milk next to her bumbo and she sat there and scratched and felt it with her hands for a good 10 or 15 minutes. Earlier this morning she did the same thing with my face while we were in bed. She was just exploring my hair, my ear, my head, and had the most adorable expression on her face. She was really focused and so interested.

She is definitely all girl–she just does things with her body and hands. It is hard to explain, but I honestly don’t think these are things that we have put upon her. She is just feminine and lovely, so different from her little baby boy friends. Of course, I will probably have an effect on her girliness with all the flower headbands, pink, ruffles, ect., but I have noticed that her gender is really more than just physical–it really is her spirit/personality. It is amazing how much we can see of that at such a young age. It is strengthening my belief that men and women are born certain genders for a reason and that we are innately different, and not just physically.
crossing her ankles, naturally

The doctor also gave me some specifics for teaching Rose to sleep, but it requires that we sleep in different rooms so I am just waiting on that for a little bit. However, whenever we are not in the room with her (naps and bedtime) I am following his plan. There is less crying now and more sleeping, so I am very happy.

I tried rice cereal a couple of times and she didn’t totally reject it, but she also doesn’t really know how to use her tongue. I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it if I start doing it more often.

6 months is just fun!

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