Dating Diaries

Dating Diaries 10

This story begins with Adam. He was the first guy I met at BYU. And for him, it was love at first sight. But not for me. Before I knew it, there were rumors swirling about the ward of us being an item. And I was not happy. I really enjoyed Adam and we definitely connected right away, but I remember wanting everyone to know that I was indeed single because I was excited about dating in college and meeting new guys. Well, Adam continued to be a big part of my freshman year despite the fact that we never were totally official.

Adam planned some wonderful dates for the two of us, including a night at the symphony, dinner on The Roof in Salt Lake, little trips to his parents’ house. The best was walking to his sister’s apartment south of campus, picking up her car, and going for a drive in the night. He was totally in love with me. He might have been even more in love with me than David, who was the one I ended up dating that year. Adam and I spent a lot of late nights talking and talking. He somehow turned up with a pint of ice cream for me whenever things weren’t going well (with David). I was always astonished by the things he would choose to do like waking up at 4 am to play racquetball (for fun), going running (for fun), studying for long hours in the library (by choice)… he did a lot of things that to me were totally crazy, but made him happy. 

I wanted to like Adam–he totally made sense, and I went back and forth about how I felt about him. Regardless, being good friends (sometimes with benefits) with Adam was really important that year. It was hard for me to be on my own, as exciting as it was, and it was a defining year. It pushed me to be more brave and confident and self-disciplined and so many other things. Adam was an outstanding person and a great example for me. We stayed in touch through his mission–in fact, when I was studying in England, we ended up sending each other emails at exactly the same time of day! It was exciting to be on the same side of the world again, and we were able to email back and forth for a couple of minutes as though we were actually conversing. I wrote him all the way up to my engagement just a few months before his return. Raimo says, from the things I’ve said about him, that he would have made a great husband for me. Funny, eh? They have never met.

One thought on “Dating Diaries 10

  1. That's really interesting that Raimo says that. I don't think Neal thinks any of my past boyfriends would have been that great for me in the long run — I mostly agree 🙂 I'm convinced that I should write up some of my “dating diaries” after reading yours for the past few weeks. I have already started a little, but it feels so daunting (after all I didn't get married till I was 27, ha!)


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