9 months

 I took Rose to the doctor yesterday. She is 15 pounds. I was a little concerned that she only gained 1 pound since the 6 month appointment, but he pulled out her growth chart and everything is good. She is in the 7th percentile for weight and has been around there all along. She is now 26.9 inches, around the 20th percentile. She still has a little cold, but I think she is slowly getting better. This month she…

-Still loves the song “I Would Walk 500 Miles” so much. It totally calms her when she is crying for any reason
-Is crawling/traveling so much faster, still doing the army crawl with a little knee thrown in every now and then.
-Smile. ALL. the. time. At anyone who will look at her. They are these whole-face, ear-splitting smiles.
-She just cut her bottom two teeth within a few days of each other. They are really sharp!
-She sits up really well now, without resistance like before (she refused to bend!)
-She eats fruit in the morning and a veggie and a fruit at night, sometimes has fruit for lunch. She still loves her milk so much. She refuses to drink from a cup or a bottle. No water, juice, or pumped milk. I’m hoping she’ll learn soon because I’m about ready to stop the breastfeeding. Every once in a while I will trick her into the cup in the middle of a meal and she has no idea what is going on.
-Still loves books so much. She likes to touch all the pages.
-She uses her right pointer finger to touch everything. So unusual and so cute!
-Hated the swings at the park
-Has started climbing up onto things.. like her humidifier, the side of the crib, our legs…
-Is still very bald, though she is starting to grow some blonde fuzz
-Has extremely sensitive skin. Can’t bathe her too often or she dries out

-This is such a fun stage. She is so easy and happy. I really thought I’d never love anything more than the newborn stage, but I love this too.


2 thoughts on “9 months

  1. my daughter, Kasia, did the army crawl FOREVER, then crawled normal for a month, then walked right after. I think it's the cutest thing!
    You need to post more pictures of your sweetie!


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