Current Events

Currently netflixing: Kimora, life in the fab lane and Braxton Family Values, both reality tv and both kind of uninteresting and interesting at the same time

Currently eating: kielbasa, garlic potatoes, broccoli… I’m eating solo tonight

Currently Rose: is sleeping. She is doing great… has started to be really needy lately. She never wants me out of arm’s reach. I don’t get it. She is also starting to be a little more adventurous with food– crackers, bread (very small amounts), sometimes juice from a cup! She has also tasted but not really eaten ice cream, pizza, tomatoes, spinach. I was really surprised that she would not eat real bananas even though she likes the baby food version

Currently Raimo: is working a lot. He’s enjoying his work overall, but I know it can be hard being on his feet so much and being so busy.

Currently I: am enjoying rehearsal and singing. It has been a while! I get to sing first soprano and there are some high parts so that is fun for me.

TODAY I: cleaned the oven. Just want to add that in there because it was a big accomplishment!!! And I don’t want to do it again! I don’t like sticking my head in there…. makes me uncomfortable. Is that dumb? Think Hansel and Gretel.

Currently enjoying: my view out the kitchen window of pink trees and beautiful green grass (actually weeds, but they look nice!) and a willow tree!

Currently feeling: tired. Had a nice day at home today just getting some things done and playing with Rose.

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