Sunday Summary

Today was a wonderful day at church. We had three talks about faith, and they addressed some things I’ve been thinking about. I just agreed with everything they said, and I felt like they were things everyone should hear! For the last month I’ve been thinking a lot about my faith, what it stems from, how I have such conviction in my beliefs. It is such a basic principle, but so important! I guess it is because my faith was called into question, and afterward I was just reflecting on why I believe what I do. So much of the time, I am just going through the motions, living the gospel, going to church. Because I love it and it makes me happy and has since I was young. But sometimes I forget where my belief comes from. I love that, because of this experience, my testimony has grown even more. Faith has always been easy for me, and I have realized that that really is a spiritual gift from God. I know that God imparts his wisdom to us the more we choose to have faith and live righteously, and it keeps building and growing, making us stronger and more sure. But He also warns us that, if we choose to not have faith, He will take it away from us until we know nothing. This concept has been resonating with me lately.

The more I think about the principle of faith, the more I want to share it with others. Raimo and I teach the Gospel Principles class, and we are enjoying it. I feel like it has a mission-feel to it because we go back to the basics of the gospel. Plus we have a newly converted member in the class. The class is small, which makes it more intimate and everyone gets involved. Today we talked about the Holy Ghost, which went nicely with the talks on faith. We are enjoying the calling. I had a really eye-opening experience today–we have a pretty incredible ward. There are a lot of humble, hard-working people in our area, and some of their stories are pretty amazing. I am learning a lot from them.

Relief Society focused on the “forget-me-not” talk by Uchtdorf. That is such a wonderful talk–I think everyone can benefit from it! But it is especially for women, who need constant reminding of their worth.

Each Sunday, I don’t particularly feel like getting up and getting ready and hassling a baby for 3 hours at church, but without fail, each Sunday I come home feeling extremely grateful and lifted and spiritually energized.

One thought on “Sunday Summary

  1. It is interesting for me to hear people talk about their faith. I am sort of starting to write my own spiritual history — and faith and prayer definitely do not come easily for me. My brother and mom both felt like they just knew the gospel was true from a young age, but i don't remember ever feeling that way. Like at all. So I'm sort of fascinated by when and how people feel like they discover or embrace faith.


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