Dating Diaries

Dating Diaries 12

(continued) So I was dating my dance partner at the time, and he was in the same class as me and Raimo. He and I would walk together after class, and we would part ways to go to our next classes. Raimo would follow along behind us and swoop in on me after the other guy had taken off to his class, and Raimo would walk me the rest of the way. (The funny thing is my dance partner and Raimo were in the same class after our Latin Ballroom class, so I’m guessing Raimo was always late to it…?) Anyway, I thought it was cute of him, and one day he got enough courage to ask me for my number. It took him a very long time to call.
During one of those walks, I was telling Raimo that I had a choir performance coming up and that I always felt a little sad that my family couldn’t come. I had never had anyone in the audience for a performance. So I sang in homecoming spectacular and as I was driving away, I got a call from Raimo asking where I was. He had shown up to hear me and was still at the Marriott Center. I turned around and picked him up (he had a red rose for me–roses ended up being a big theme in our dating, part of the reason I loved naming my daughter Rose) and I suggested we get ice cream at the creamery. I wouldn’t find out till later that he was lactose intolerant!

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