Dating Diaries 15

(continued) After Valentine’s Day Raimo took me out constantly. There were a few other lingering guys that eventually left the picture- I wasn’t interested in anyone like I was in him. We competed in our first ballroom competition together that month even though we each had other competition partners. I loved the idea of sharing that hobby with someone. A guy who can dance? Amazing! Ballroom was also the source of many arguments (and continued to be in our marriage) but it was also the thing that brought us together in the first place. He got to know my family and family friends- my moms good friend Karen told me she was rooting for him! The opinions of my loved ones meant a great deal to me so it was nice to be with someone they enjoyed. We were pretty thick by the end of winter semester, at which point I took off to Europe for a 2 1/2 month study abroad and traveling. He drove down to California with me to see me off, and we said I love you for the first time.
We wrote letters and emails while I was away, but our communication was not very exciting. In fact, we still do not have great conversations when we are away from each other. In that case, absence did not make the heart grow fonder. I went home to California and shortly after I broke things off.
However, when I returned to BYU in the fall, I went to visit him. He was looking hot and it basically took no time at all for us to get back together. It happened like this. I had gone out with someone else on a date that first weekend. I got home a little early and started texting my brother David about missing Raimo. Meanwhile, David started texting Raimo that he should call me. Raimo was hesitant, but David was persistent, sly little brother! That night Raimo came over, we started watching Bewitched, and were kissing before long.
I realized that this was a turning point for me- either I would stay with him and move into a more serious relationship (heading toward marriage) or I should break up and move on. I really couldn’t get myself to stop thinking about him, so we got back together. We became dance partners officially and started taking lessons and competing together. I was only 20 and was feeling a little afraid of a serious relationship and marriage, but was unwilling to give up Raimo. I was very happy with him. Another important event happened on a trip we took to Seattle that fall…

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