I enjoyed Paul Ryan’s speech. As this is my first time watching one of these conventions, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the random shots of staunch republicans in their best republican gear, shown intermittently throughout his speech. Elephant hats, strange hair, lovely outfits, crazy cheering and jeering. My goodness, what a riot, but all that aside I liked what he had to say. I especially loved his ending comments about Mitt being prayerful, faithful, and honorable. It would be refreshing to have that in a leader. Why do so many men lack these important qualities, honesty in particular? I was also glad he pointed out some of the lies that have been perpetuated by Obama. He does like to point the finger at everyone but himself. However, I am usually less interested in the mud-slinging and more interested in the positive points the candidate has to offer. It seems like Romney has a lot going for him. And there’s Ann. Lovely Ann. My husband will not fail. I believe her, and I believe in the integrity and work ethic of MittRomney. The prospect of a new president is always exciting. This time I am feeling excited and very curious. I am excited to be voting in California, (as if my one vote will matter so much) since we all know who will win Utah!

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