A busy Saturday

Today I accomplished a lot. Practiced a solo, ran 3 miles, read my scriptures, went to the grocery store, took a nap since the running exhausted me, made chili and corn bread for dinner and a frog eye salad for tomorrow, held rose a little while watching that santa movie with Tim Allen, and did a little shopping. Somehow, it was not enough! Normally a day like that would feel awesome to me, but there were some things missing. I’m realizing how much I need real human connections every day, quality time with people that matter to me, along with some kind of artistic pursuits. I’m kind of in an interesting place right now- reassessing my goals and who I am and the changes I want to make in my life. Raimo and I read some zodiac stuff last night for fun. Those descriptions of our personality traits are pretty spot-on. We don’t follow it, but it’s interesting enough, and it’s nice to have our differences laid before us in such a clear, precise way. It helped me see what each of us values and how we see the world around us differently. I am 100% Capricorn, there’s no question. Leo’s and capricorns are not well-matched. Oh well. Go figure.
On another note, I’ve been reading the Princess Bride. It’s a great movie, but the book is great too. The author is really clever. For once, the book and movie are pretty similar.
On another note, we are in California. We’ll be moving here permanently. Raimo quit Tumu and is looking for a job, and I may look for one too. I have been seeing Riverside with new eyes now that I’m here more permanently. It is so warm and beautiful. I have missed California so much. On the other hand, I had a few things in Utah that were making me happy, our apartment for one, and my best girlfriend and beckham, and all the performing and theater opportunities were really great. Hopefully that will continue down here. I am excited to say goodbye to Utah after 7 years!! I’m not going back!!! I am interested to see what the next year holds. I hope it all just works out. Feeling a little sad, but glad to be here of all places.

2 thoughts on “A busy Saturday

  1. Congrats on moving to CA! I bet you're happy to leave Utah at such a cold time of year. 🙂 I hope you can find good outlets there too. I have realized too that I need adult contact every day too, as well as something fun to do – both things are on my daily goals. People need people. I like President Uchtdorf's talk on creating (one that they made a music video about), and it rings true for me. Good luck with everything, and I hope things go well for you there. 🙂


  2. I saw the pic of you and Rose at Disneyland, but I assumed you were just visiting for a few days! Being back in CA has definitely been an adjustment for me. I would love to hear more about your move and how things are going once you get settled in — wanna meet for lunch in Corona sometime?


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