Just a simple day

This morning sweet Rose and I read some stories together–she gets impatient and likes to skip ahead before I’ve finished each page. We also did a shapes puzzle on the bathroom floor, and I couldn’t believe how good she’s gotten at matching everything up. After that, she joined me on the new bathroom rug I bought. “Nice” she said. Thanks for noticing, Rose. She even put her face down on the soft fluffiness and rolled around a little bit. Then we trimmed her nails, which is like world war 3. She was pretty upset. Then walk, then tea time, now Little Mermaid. It’s amazing how much kids change from week to week. I look back on these 2 years with Rose, and I have just been enthralled with every step. It’s difficult at times, but it doesn’t last for long. Today I’m living in the moment. It’s a beautiful day, and we are going to eat some muffins and maybe go to the grocery store later. It’s a good day.


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