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This week I’ll be 12 weeks. Can it be?  In a few weeks I’ll be starting the second trimester- hallelujah! Here’s what got me through the last few weeks:

A Room With a View- perfect. You must see it. Makes me want to go to Italy

Joseph: King of Dreams- awesome animated movie. I cried.
The King’s Speech- so moving. I never saw it before
The Buccaneers- a fun tea-sipping movie in four parts. 
New Girl- this is a fun series. Sometimes I wish they wouldn’t be so raunchy. But she is a loveable character and I mostly like this show. Besides, her name is Jess.
The Young Girls of Rochefort- Gene Kelly! But it’s an extremely slow movie. Just watch it with the intent to see gene dance here and there, not to be entertained
Runaway Bride- that Julia and Richard combo is always a win, tho Pretty Woman is still my favorite!!!!
Magnum P.I. – Tom Selleck. He is a good- lookin man of the eighties. I love eighties shows and movies
Love Story- beautiful music. Not my favorite. 2.5 stars.
Impromptu- Beautiful! Love story about Chopin. Enjoy the music and romance all at once!
First Position- ballet documentary. I liked it a lot
Mona Lisa Smile- another blockbuster I hadn’t seen. I’m hitting up all the pg-13 movies I couldn’t see when I was younger. I found this movie very inspiring and empowering. I also enjoyed all the art

One thought on “Currently Watching

  1. I like your movie reviews! Tom Selleck's TV show used to be
    filmed in our neighborhood when we
    lived in Hawaii. We have that great
    picture of Laurie with Tom.
    The old Hawaii 5 O was out and
    Magnum PI was in.


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