Rose language

Oh my goodness
I wike kisses
I scare
Drive ( command in car)
Get back here
I wuv you
I’m funny
I did it!
I tooted
A cwounfish . Nemo! (Clownfish)
Ah perfect
I miss you so much
Heyo (hello)
Eawing (earring)
Gee-Bo. Jingle bells?
Licous- delicious
Chouch- couch
Ceyal- cereal
It’s yoding- it’s loading ( the Netflix  or youtube show)I
I yost a shoe- lost a shoe
Is working- it’s working
Oh wow look a dat!
Ooh tacos! (While driving)
Guess what – (usually doesn’t tell me anything)
I’m coldie
Emo’s werd (Elmo’s world)
Com’on mom. Les get going! ( I was in bed)
Oatmilk – oatmeal
(Walking thru grocery store) pickle thing! Pickle nose!
I am a child of god
Baa baa black sheep
Rock-a-bye baby
Wise man
Happy birthday
Brush your teeth
If youre happy and you know it
Apple and bananas
Itsy bitsy spider
I Doe you wan it- blurred lines “I know you want it”
“Hebenly Father had a farm”
” black sheep hab you any wool… One for my rooster…”

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