Carol of Joy

Green leaves are fallen,

Withered and dry,
Brief sunset fading
Dim winter sky.
Lengthening shadows
Dark closing in–
Then through the stillness
Carols begin.
O fallen world,
To you is the song.
Death holds you fast
And night tarries long.
Tidings for sinners
Burdened and bound,
Sweet to your ear,
A Savior is found.
Pale moon ascending
Solemn and slow
Cold barren snow
Deep empty valley
Veiled by the night music
Hopeful and bright.
O fearful world
To you is the song.
Peace with your God
And pardon for wrong.
Jesus is born,
Your curse to destroy.
Carol of Joy–
A Savior is found.
Earth, wrapped in sorrow,
Lift up your eyes
To the chorus filling the skies.
Look up, sad hearted,
Witness God’s love. 
Join in the carol
Swelling above!
O friendless world,
To you is the song. 
All heaven’s joys
To you may belong. 
You who are lonely, 
laden, forlorn,
Now unto you a Savior is born.

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