My kind of morning…

This is the kind of morning I’ve had. 

The only picture missing is of Finn crying. Everyone is sick, I’m supposed to go to my doctor in two hours, and I’m half-naked, and everyone is crying. Really fun morning. It will be a successful day if the children are all still alive when Raimo gets home.

2 thoughts on “My kind of morning…

  1. And when Raimo gets home all you say is, “You're welcome. I didn't kill your children today.” And he should be forever grateful. ps once Rex drew all over my newly painted bedroom and I seriously almost killed him. I called my mom for tips on cleaning it up as I was locking Rex in his room. My mom had to call back like 45 minutes later to convince me to let Rex out.


  2. So true! That rocking chair of mine was brand new- a gift to myself for having another baby. And throughout this week she keeps showing me other places she colored that I didn't even know about!!! On the side if her crib, on some bedding, on some toys, etc. And today she said to me, “I don't like you” and I cried. Toddlers are mean!


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