On Monday last week we were trying to have family night. This was another new year’s resolution of mine: that we would at least have a song and prayer. Because that seemed doable with Rose. Well, even that can prove challenging. But we added a 2 minute discussion about our body being a temple. We started with a picture of the temple and asked her what it was. Then we asked why it was special. We told her it’s Jesus’ house, and she excitedly said, “Jesus wants me for a Christ-beam!” Then we tried to talk about our body being a temple (we had to define “body” for her). By the time we got to our bodies being temples, she was gone. We’ll have to figure out a way to make an impact in less than 30 seconds.

I also love that she has started saying “of course” and she doesn’t quite know how to use it. She’ll just tack it onto the end of any old sentence. It’s so funny. “You can play it of course. You may.” She’s also been using “fantastic,” “impossible,” “fabulous,” and I’ve noticed some phrases from her books- “you never see” (from Pickle Things).

It is so amazing how quickly Rose can forgive. It might be just a few minutes after being put in time out or getting in trouble- she’ll have the biggest tantrum, and she’ll come and give me a kiss on the knee or the forearm or someplace unexpected. 

After General Conference, they showed some footage of everyone leaving- she said they’re all going to nursreet! Aka nursery. She also happened to ask, “What’s his name?” We said Elder Christofferson. She said Christoph! Nothing like bringing Frozen references into Conference. Her favorite. She was also kind of amazed when the choir sang A Child’s Prayer, which we sing often to her at night. Like, someone else knows this song too?? She is going to love singing time next year.

I have started including her in dinner prep, and she loves being involved. I had hopes that it will make her more interested in eating what she cooks. She says mmm! Delicious! as she adds ingredients, even though they are ingredients she would never eat.

I couldnt wait for all the sickness to be over so we could go on some walks and visit friends. I have been so worried about Finn. I took him to the doctor twice because he kept getting worse, and he’s just so tiny. He was wheezing and coughing a really deep chesty cough. But his lungs sounded the way they were supposed to at the doctor’s and none of the signs of serious illness were present, so we went back home and kept nursing, sucking his nose with the bulb, using saline drops, and sleeping (or NOT) with him in my arms. We have been watching way too much tv around here. Daniel Tiger, Barney, Pingu, and much much more. Thankfully this week they are pretty much all better. Nothing makes you more grateful for your health than getting over being sick.

Finn is turning out to be quite a big boy. 7 lb 13 oz was kind of hard for me to push out. We were pretty close to an emergency c-section especially with his heart rate dropping. Thankfully it all worked out, but that was intense. And thank goodness he was two weeks early, or he would have been even bigger!! Well he has continued to grow- he weighed 9 lb 14 oz at the doctor at 5 1/2 weeks). He is two months this Thirsday and I’m sure he’s well over 10 lbs, if not much more. Just for comparison, Rose was 6 lb 10 oz at birth and was still only 8 lb 14 oz at her 2 month appointment! Boys are just big! She wore newborn diapers and clothes for like 3 months, Finn is in size 1 diapers and is outgrowing his newborn clothes.

We went to Disneyland last week and will probably be going often this year. Rose was just in awe! She couldn’t believe all these favorite people were in the same place!!! Mickey, Minnie, Ariel, goofy, Pluto, Cinderella… Wow! It was so fun for me and Raimo to see it all again through her eyes. She asks me now when we get into the car if we can go to Disneyland. Hopefully soon!

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