I was reading the last page of my book tonight (I had a bit of a marathon, reading half of it in a few hours) when I heard Rose quietly crying out Mama. I ditched the book and headed to her room, my head still swirling in the fictional world. When I entered the dark room my eyes took a moment to adjust from the light, but I went straight to the bed and could sense she was sitting up and in a moment my lips were surprised with a wet kiss, some tears left behind on my mouth. It was not at all what I was expecting and I picked up my oversized baby and held her. I couldn’t tell if she was awake, and I pressed her with questions about bad dreams or pain and she just squirmed uncomfortably till I asked, “Do you just want to lie down?” to which she nodded yes. And so I tucked her back into bed with her bumpy blanket and the pink bear and pillows-arranged-just-so to keep her from falling off the bed, and laid some of my weight on her and cuddled her and brushed back her damp hair. “Do you want me to leave?” She shook her head no. In that moment all the rest of the world and all the important things fade, and she is the only thing in it.  I will move mountains to get to you. I will fight evil men to save you. I will dive off a cliff to rescue you. 

I love her. 

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