Last days of pom-pe-i ….

A little update…

Well Music Man is over. It was so much fun! I wished the run was a little longer, but it’s probably good for my babies’ sake that it wasn’t. Rose saw it just once and it’s amazing the way she’s able to quote it! What an incredible memory! “Think men, think!” she said. Today Raimo said something about territory and Rose said,”That’s from Mom’s show!” Which is true- “He doesn’t know the territory!” And she knows the songs Shipoopi and “7 o’clock Trombones” (haha!) pretty well considering those are not songs I ever practiced at home. I just can’t believe how much she retained. She has been asking me to sing the “bells with Rose in it” lately, which is Till There Was You. I’ve been singing that one to her her whole life and I think she loves it; she just beams when I sing it. Any song with a Rose is pretty special. 😍 Anyway, I’m still spinning with the songs and lines from the show; it just comes to mind all the time. I’m just sitting down to watch the movie actually- I haven’t watched it in years so I’m excited!

I’m trying to put my house and family back in shape after a little chaos. 

Friday was a hot one, but the evening was beautiful. It’s pretty perfect out right now. We had fish n chips in the village then walked on the strand by the ocean. I love summer nights. Good thing it still feels like summer in September- I’m not ready for it to be over. 
I’ve been playing the piano a ton this week- just been in the mood 😊 It makes me happy. I realized I hadn’t bought any new sheet music in a really long time so I treated myself. Can’t wait till it comes! Definitely need to get my piano tuned… Maybe next month. 
My sweet Utah friend Ana Maria is in town this week and we got to have a sleepover last night at my house with our 4 babies! It was so much fun! We went out to eat at Norte and had some amazing Mexican food to celebrate Ana Maria’s birthday. The children were crazy!!! But we had a great time, and watched the sun go down over the ocean! Ad after the children went to bed, us girls went out for ice cream and sat and talked and cackled for a long time. It was much needed!
I’ve been looking up auditions already. Definitely got that bug and really want to do more… I’ll have to see what I can manage! The problem is the distance of most theaters and obviously the time commitment. There’s also talk of me and Raimo doing some dancing. We’ll see…

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