Just a lot of pics and crummy captions

I miss my babies this evening ( they’re in bed). I waited all day to get a little time to myself, and now I’m looking at photos of them. They are so sweet. I’ve had a sore throat the pasts few days and haven’t been able to give them kisses, and I haven’t been totally present as I could have been with them. Anyway, they are so sweet sometimes and other times I am telling Rose for the 50th time to stop bugging or hurting Finn. Here is a nice moment. 

I love her poses

This little man knocked over my plant today and tried to eat dirt. DIRT!

Rose being queen Elsa

Finn’s 5 teeth- he’s got such a toothsome smile and his face is so different because of it.

The kids are both in high chairs when we eat out. We went to Cafe Rio on the way to Disneyland

Concentrating on stacking

Here’s a perfect scenic day when Finn actually took a nap at the beach and Rose and I had a lot of fun together. We ate cold pizza and played and splashed, and all the retired people-turned-beach bums looked on at my adorable babes and offered to set up my umbrella and carry some stuff to my car for me. I love Indian summer. The beach is all ours

Hope I can go tomorrow

Miracle of all miracles

Rose wouldn’t let Finn sit in the front. 

I finally convinced her. This was the day we were doing laps around the complex waiting for dad to get home. 

This happens EVERY night and Finn is so excited about the bath and Rose.,. I just took the hammock out of his baby tub so now he gets to sit up. And he just splashes and SPLASHES with his hands- he is absolutely thrilled and in awe of what he can do with the water!

He’s soooo handsome!

Playing with Savannah

Finn’s favorite spot in the house. He loves to climb under the table, all over the table legs and under the chairs to this low window. The other day I found him standing with both feet on the window ledge, palming the window.

She’s picky as ever about eating

Finn and great grandma

Raimo fell asleep sitting up- I snapped this as he opened his eyes

This is us laughing about Raimo falling asleep sitting up and that I caught such a funny face

Finn is giving moral support

Rose is doing pretty well at going on the potty. Never has accidents… Just number 2 was kind of overwhelming for her. It’s getting better as you can see. Tantrum city 

First bow tie

Looking at her ‘feet prints’


LOVE this shot. Makes laundry better, giving out rides to and from the dryer

Our fall mobile from our nature walk

And last but not least, tonight before bed…

My babies! 😍

Time to go look at them and then go to bed.

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