Single mom

While Raimo is in DC I’m keeping very busy with the babies. The last few days have been very full, and I’m pretty tired when my head hits the pillow. Rose has been my little best friend and companion. On Monday i had to nap to recover from the night before (Finn was up at 10, 10:30, 12:30-3, and up for the day at 5:30). Finn and I woke up from naps at 9:45 and we had to all dress and drive to ballet which starts at 10. We were late. Rose is learning a tap routine and actually did some of it! After that, I decided we should stop at In N Out for lunch. We got inside and had put in our order when I realized I left my wallet in my other purse. Darn! So we went and got back in the car and I was about to take it as a sign that we should not spend the money and just eat at home. Then a man came outside and said he overheard what happened and would like to buy me lunch. I protested, and he said he had extra money and would really like to do that for me. He was really persistent and I felt a bit embarrassed, but decided to let someone do something nice for me. As I was eating, I realized all the not-so-ideal components of the day had really added up- no sleep, husband out of town, being late, no wallet. I hadn’t really even noticed it was hard until someone did me a service. And I realized Heavenly Father was watching over me in the small details of my life, sending me sweet angels. And I started to cry at In n Out. By the time we left the man had gone. But I asked his friends who were still there to tell him that my husband was out of town and I had been up all night with my baby and to tell him I really appreciated it. It was sprinkling as we left and Rose was delighted. We got home and  Finn took another nap and Rose and I played with her new play dough– it kept her entertained for over an hour. We watched some tv, had dinner, and I put the kids to bed early. I spent the evening making practice tracks for the stake choir.

On Tuesday Finn slept all night and got up at 5. We had breakfast at 7 and I swept and mopped and cleaned up a bit. I talked to Ana Maria on the phone for a bit. While Finn napped I got a few things done and took a shower. Rose joined. Then we went to get a birth certificate for Finn at the records office but the computers were down. So we went to Nordstrom Rack and tried on shoes. Rose said it was her favorite part of the day… It IS pretty fun. Then we got Cold Stone. I get a TON of sweet comments about my cute kids and about enjoying this time. Then we went home and watched movies, then went to Aviara park after Finn took a second nap, then to get gas and groceries. Wednesday we had a play date at our house with my cousins, Andrea and Jo and Walker and Jordan and Barbara. Stephanie couldn’t come unfortunately! Then after the kids and I went on a walk by the ocean at the strand, and got Cold Stone again in the Village. Oh boy I need to work out after this week- haven’t been much. I just got the kids in bed and finished the dishes. They have both been very sweet and mostly well-behaved, I think because I’ve been playing with them a lot and giving them a lot of personal attention. And I’ve been feeling pretty good too, so I think it rubs off on them. Surprising when I’ve been doing 5 am every morning! Hopefully tomorrow I can go to Zumba if Finn will let me push his nap back. That and visiting teaching are the only things on the agenda. Maybe make banana bread. Oh, and my house is still quite clean. Amazing. 

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