Rose is almost 4

Raimo and Rose had this conversation at the dinner table the other night:
Raimo: What color was napoleon’s white horse? Rose: Brown. Raimo: His white horse? Rose: It changes colors!
Why is Finn so small? Because he’s a baby! Why are babies small? Because they haven’t grown big and strong yet like grown ups. Why are grown ups big and strong? So they can eat food that makes them strong. 

What foods make us big and strong? Lettuce

Are there any foods that don’t make us strong? Umm cookies. Ice cream no. Lettuce yes. Fish? no we don’t eat fish in our family. (We both laugh- we eat it all the time but call it chicken to try to get her to eat it)
Raimo’s phone vibrates in his pocket under her bum. Rose: Aw you tooted!
Some other funny things…
Hanitizer (hand sanitizer- she’s called it this for so long)
The rain is glorious!
– driving up Alga to Savanna’s house “we’re going up this tall mountain to Savannah’s house!”
– driving to the YMCA past the fruit stand-” we’re going through the jungle …just like our house!” (Lots of trees and greenery)
– swish Robin Hood – Swiss family Robinson
– lopsicle (Popsicle)
Goosey mama (mother goose rhymes)
And these are a bunch I had recorded in my phone that are old– she doesn’t talk like this anymore 😦
When I get older, I can has creaks in the knees and everybody laughs?
– she brushed my hair and scolded me for turning my head. Hold still!
-” I went in the bassroom and probably put on my skirt” ( already wearing skirt)
– I put her hair in a braid and she said about 20 times “I have long hair like you!”
– be very carefully!
– I’m the mom because I’m singing
– after I went to yoga, I was asking her what she did at child watch. Later in the car she asked, “so mom how was your class”She is always so conversational and sweet
– Rose what is a shadow? A picture of me
– it’s taking a long hour- (long time)
– I wanna push the Mickey marker! ( button for crossing street… Something to do with mickeys clubhouse
– driving home from Disney… Mom what was your happiest ride? (Favorite) I always ask her that
Aw my sweet girl. She has such a big vocabulary now, and talks all the time. I wish I could keep everything she says in my heart forever. So smart, so darling. Since we’ve gotten home from Costa Rica she has constantly been saying, “Mom, you are my favorite mom in the whole world!” “Mom you’re my favorite mom.” “You’re my best mommy!” Woohoo!!

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