Rose’s 5th Birthday Party

Rose had her last week of preschool last week, so we decided to throw her a party  with all her friends a little early since everyone goes on vacation around the 4th of July. We had a little mermaid/shark pool party. We had a bit of June gloom, but the weather was still warm. We started them off with a race across the pool. Raimo gave the birthday girl a head start.

They played a game where they had to throw a spongy ball through the hoop then jump in the water. Bonus: if they got Raimoin the face with the ball, he had to dunk under the water. They were giggling about that!

We had a few other games but they weren’t as exciting. Here’s all the kids: Livi, Savannah, Henry, Jojo, Charlotte, Rose, Brooke, Eliza, Mason, and Grey, and a little brother Drew in front.


They had Chick Filet nuggets for lunch and watermelon and grapes, and salad for the moms.

We played pin the shell on the mermaid
And hit the piñata 

And a hot pink cake with white pearls.

Rose had a lot of fun opening her presents of course! 

Rose wore her birthday crown the rest of the day- in the bathtub, during naptime, and even with her pajamas during story time.  It was very sweet to have her be so excited about her party.

At the end of the party she said, “Mom, this is the best day in the whole world.”

It was an exhausting day, 30 weeks pregnant.

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