There are so many little moments throughout the day that I want to remember, but I know realistically they will fade away in my memory into a jumbled category of “sweet small children days.” I’d like to capture as many of them as I can:

-This morning (and last morning) I stayed in bed with Berrett till 8 after Raimo and Rose left. We snoozed and snuggled and he smiled his amazing smile! That morning light is so beautiful and that time so precious

-when I came downstairs I made myself a banana smoothie. Finn gave me and Berrett a great hug and said, “I’m so happy to see you mom!” in his 2-year-old voice! He watches Netflix until I come downstairs and I have zero mom guilt about this right now.

-Finn ate half my breakfast as he always does. And I totally don’t care because I just love him and his appetite 

-sometimes Finn says I love you mom. I die every time

-Speaking of appetite, I have been doing pretty good at making dinner every night… like legitimate dinner and not toast or snack plates. And Finn always eats it. He really likes salmon! He has also eaten broccoli, mashed potatoes, green beans, baked potato, chicken, roasted veggies, a few different pastas (actually I made a simple pasta with shrimp and cherry tomatoes a few weeks ago and Rose proclaimed it was the best dinner in the whole world!) Rose resists eating most dinners, but she will still usually eat 5 bites “because I’m 5 years old.” 

-I try to ask them what their high/low of the day is at dinner. Or sometimes in the car after school. Without fail, Rose always either says “right now with my whole family at dinner” or “when you picked me up from school.” And the sweetest part of all is that most days she truly can’t think of a low. Even if I have recently gotten mad at her for something or something bad has happened, she can’t think of a bad part of the day. I love that about her.

– Last night we were having a lot of complaining and scolding at dinner, so I announced we were going to play a game. Rose was all over it. Each person at the table gets to ask any other person any question. I asked Finn what his favorite part of the day was. We got a very interesting answer that had nothing to do with the question.. It was hilarious! Finn asked Rose “How was your day?” (He asks me this question frequently. Sensitive little guy!) Rose asked dad what his favorite food is (ribs) and dad asked Finn who his favorite superhero is (batman). I love having them all around the table.

– Rose climbed into bed with me for about 15 minutes early this morning. It was nice- it doesn’t happen often. She said about the baby “he’s so cuuuute” as she often does.

( pictures from Rose’s school’s Halloween Carnival)

– we have a lemon tree with lots of lemons (!) and I have been using them for cooking. Rose loves to be the one to go get a lemon for mama

– Every single evening the kids beg to go outside and play with the neighbors. It’s so great having a nice culdesac with friends 

-Raimo randomly gave me a long massage 2 nights ago and it was the best part of my week. Or month. And it made me fall asleep instantly. It was the best night of sleep – I slept till 4, then sort of from 5:30 to 8:15. I felt good! When I got up Finn asked for pancakes and I obliged

-I’ve been enjoying getting dressed every day… Oh hello clothes that I haven’t seen in over a year! I also feel like I have so many more options when it’s not hot outside

-today I was feeding the baby and Rose came in and said “Mom would you like me to do the dishes?” Jaw drop. So I said yes! Such a sweetie!

-tonight we went to the beach in the evening time and it was so nice. I felt happy

This post is not to say that everything is always great. I feel like I have to point this out because everything on the surface always looks so happy and perfect in pictures. There are plenty of times when everything is totally falling apart and kids are crying and the baby is crying and I’m frustrated! Case in point, I went to Michaels’ last night and just took Berrett, who is usually pretty mild in his car seat. I probably took too long and he started to fuss and I didn’t respond- I held him but was trying to finish what I was doing. After a while he was full on crying so loudly and was inconsolable. I even tried to breastfeed standing up!! And then sitting. And then in the car. I high tailed it out of there and I’m pretty sure every person in the store was aware of my presence. It was a very loud newborn cry for a good 20 minutes. I broke out in a sweat. 

THEN I changed my mind about the frame I ordered and went back today with  all three kids. This is normally not a huge deal- just a 15 minute thing and they’re pretty mild kids. But we had already done one other outing and it was close to nap time (my mistake.) Finn was losing his marbles- he was Sooo tired. He was running away from me all over the store and I was trying to work with the framer. He was pulling tags off the shelf and putting products on the floor. When I tried lot reign him in and hold him, he started a very loud high-pitched scream!!!! Rose was chasing him at one point which didn’t help and Berrett, who had been napping peacefully in his little seat for an hour, was starting to wake up and cry yet again. The framer lady was not moving super fast either. The people at Michaels think I’m insane. I walked out of there carrying the baby car seat, the baby, Finn, and a huge cardboard box. But really… My kids are not that bad!! It’s just a circus. So anyway, Finn never fell asleep today for a nap. We ended up at the beach and I took all these rosey photos and posted THAT to Instagram because that’s the part I want to remember.

-this is what’s going on as I write this post. He’s so soft and dreamy- still smells so good and really has the softest skin ever!!! Also my left thumb is about to snap off from typing this one-handed on my phone. Our generation is gonna have arthritis in our elbows and thumbs from cell phones 

So there you have it. Some snippets. The laundry still blows and grocery shopping is the worst right now- Raimo gets sent to the store in my place a lot these days and it’s always interesting to see what he comes back with (or without.) We have a Ralph’s by our house that’s really really close and it’s so convenient for last-minute stuff. 

Love my life right now. I think it all the time. It’s really challenging but the moments are so good.


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