June bride

Moving into a house has got me organizing all sorts of things, along with unpacking and re-packing our storage items. Today I discovered all of our bridal shower and wedding cards. I was ready to purge and throw them out, but I read every single one of them. They were SO thoughtful and full of hope for me and Raimo. Everyone was so generous and I think genuinely excited, many of them mentioning eternity and how they hoped our marriage would be all we dreamed it would be. 

I feel so very loved right now- I cannot throw them out! (There are probably a hundred!)

The ever-elegant Jo

A copy of this song for a June bride from Aunt Nancy, complete with pretty stickers

I also found a stack of cards where the women at my shower wrote about mishaps at their weddings. Some of them were pretty crazy! I had a good laugh! They were a reminder to not sweat the small stuff. I am happy to say my wedding went without any mishap… Thankfully!

Reminiscing on that happy time made me smile. I pulled out my BEAUTIFUL invitation- I still love it! (Even sideways!)

Coincidentally, last night Raimo found his journal from our dating years and read some of it to me. We were so in love! He was such a knight in shining armor! He would have moved mountains for me.

Marriage has been such a ride. He’s still got it.

My heart went pitter patter for him this Sunday as he blessed baby Berrett at church and did such a beautiful job. And then he gave a talk right after about seeing the Lord’s hand in our lives and being thankful. He made everyone laugh and also made everyone cry, and I was proud to be his wife.

Some pictures of the blessing, Nov. 13th

Berrett is 3 months old 

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