Who does the baby look like?

I pulled some pics from our baby albums to compare with our children.

Raimo – lots of little Rose in that face. She has a smaller mouth and nose though

Rose for comparison

Got some dad in there, maybe a little bit of mom:

Raimo again

Raimo again- hello little Finn!

Here’s toddler Finn for comparison

Baby Finn: 

Raimo as a baby doesn’t remind me of any of our children


My kids got the blonde for sure. No curls yet though

Jessica: looks like Berrett as a baby! Double chin and all

Baby Berrett for comparison:

And a picture of baby Rose:

Neither of us were that beautiful as a baby! Narrow mouth like mom, oval face like Raimo and almond eyes like Raimo. 

I was surprised how different Raimo’s and my face were from age to age. We changed a lot. Our kids definitely have a “family” look to them (as my friend said about Berrett- another Laitinen baby!) but their features are all pretty unique. 

People tell me all the time.. Oh they look just like Raimo. OR they look just like you. So there you have it!

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