A day in the life: New Year’s Eve day 2016

The years are passing by too quickly! Today was full of moments I wanted to capture, so back to the ol’ blog I go! It began with holding a sleeping babe in the crook of my arm in bed, wishing that I could be asleep too. Rose showed up at the side of my bed with hair supplies and asked me to give her Belle hair. So I obliged (because I’m always vowing to take more time to really look her in the face and give her some of my time). So we did this cute half-up bun, and all day long I kept thinking how beautiful she looked doing puzzles and little girl things while looking like she was ready for the prom (not yeeeetttt!!!) 

Little Dino monster feet ( once he was in the swing with a blanket over him, and the only thing you could see were these little dinosaur feet– the cutest!!!!)

Princess Belle in her 8 am attire

This brought to mind “you are loved, you are loved, you are loved, they all say” by Nancy Tillman.

Another noteworthy moment was this thank you note to Santa. It says: Santa Claus. Rose.

Thanks for bringing Hummer. And me Rose. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Saint Nick’s picture. Saint Nick, you’re the best.

That last line is my favorite! Sat Nik ur the best.

Reminder of my kids close to my heart

I went for a run this morning (phew) then we all got ready- all dressed and nowhere to go! For a moment, I felt a little sad that we no longer live by friends that we can call at a moments notice- new area, new ward… Takes time.

There was rain in the forecast and it was cold out, but we decided to go ahead with our New Year tradition and go to Ruby’s on the pier. Normally we go on New Year’s Day, but tomorrow is Sunday so we bumped it up. 

It always seems like such an undertaking, but then we have such a nice time. It’s so nice to be out on the ocean– the longest pier on the West coast!


The cold worked in our favor and we didn’t have to wait  for a table (normally we wait an hour on the holiday). The food was good and we got cocoa too. The idea is that we talk about the year and make our new year’s resolutions. We kind of brushed over it today because the kids were kind of needy. I tried to chat about a few ideas. Basically, my entire 2016 was spent pregnant, and then 3 months with a baby. It was a nice year, but boy am I glad to not be pregnant! This year is going to be about fitness and getting in shape for me. Time to get back into all my clothes! I also want to go to the temple, find time for my scriptures, go to the beach a lot, and be present with my kids and enjoy them. Raimo wants to read scriptures more too, go to the temple, and not be angry. I don’t even remember last year’s resolutions Hahahah! I was newly pregnant and not feeling great, I remember that much!

Worth it!
Gorgeous water! Even on a cloudy day it lifts my spirits! It was a hike back to the car. Just as we got buckled up in the car, it started to rain. And then it started pouring!! We really dodged a bullet- perfect timing! 

Finn fell asleep on the way home and his nap was ruined. Bummer.

Playing blackjack (Rose calls it slapjack)

It has continued raining all afternoon and I’ve been blogging to catch up on our lives. I made the 2 family calendars late into last night and next I really need to work on family photo books for 2016 (and 2015!!!!) Hope I can stick with it because I love being able to look back on them. So much better than on a computer! My wrists hurt from all the computer work, plus they sometimes hurt in the cold weather. Hoping it’s not anything serious. Ugh I’m getting old!

I have a pretty big birthday coming up in 3 days.. And I actually feel good about it. These last few years have been wonderful and I don’t feel bad about getting older. I think the 30’s are looking pretty great actually! I think I know who I am more than I did at 20, I have my family and cute kids and am living the good life! I can’t imagine not having a baby in my arms and little kids in my house. I think it will be sad when it’s over… But then maybe the next phase will be good in a different way. At 30, I’m also better at certain things like taking care of my skin, exercising regularly, doing my makeup (important?), cooking (20-year-old me was not a cook), being more intentional with my life, not sweating the small stuff,  caring less about what other people think of me/less self-conscious, and finding joy in everyday things. My hair is shorter, my face is changing, I am not the epitome of fitness today, but motherhood is feeling pretty great.

Earlier this month I was driving home from a caroling gig alone in the dark and I had the realization that I was happy. I felt totally content with my life, wasn’t reaching for some unattainable thing or struggling in any sense. It felt like such a blessing because there are plenty of times in life where I feel like happiness is kind of up and down or here and there. I don’t expect to feel joyful in every aspect of life all the time. But right now I feel an underlying sense of peace about where I am. It reminds me of this quote:

Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it eludes you. But if you turn your attention to other things, it comes softly and sits on your shoulder. Henry David Thoreau

I feel like I have been doing the hard task of going about life, at times doing the work I don’t enjoy… that I know needs to be done… and the joy fell silently on my shoulder when I wasn’t looking.

I also like this one:

We can’t direct the wind but we can adjust the sails

Thomas S. Monson

Anyway, enough about me. 

This afternoon slipped to night, I realized at 5 I hadn’t made dinner and whipped up this scrumptious pork chops with apples. Finn set the table for his first time. I especially love my place setting.

A little Sophia the First for my New Year’s Eve dinner.

Her third outfit of the day. Lovely!

Grabbing his toes!

After that, I got kids in the tub, fed a baby, had a book read to me by Rose, read a book to Rose, put the baby in a bath while reading another book to Rose, tried to feed the baby again, said a grumpy goodnight to Finn who was totally overtired, took care of a fussy baby who didn’t want to sleep, then wrote this rest of this post. The days are long but the years are short! Goodnight 2016! Raimo and I will ring in the new year asleep in bed after lying on our couch in our new home watching Netflix. Just where I want to be.

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